The following report is just my onw opinion based on my personal concert experiences. You will read
just my personal impressions, no official report because itís for you: The fans.
Croydon / Hemel Hempstead / Southhampton Ė April 20 Ė April 22, 2000
The opening show began with a song played only by the band. Tony and Anthony also took over
the singing part of a very up tempo song. Then the announcment of special guest: Rosie Flores.
She started with the fast rock song "Tell me up" followed by her hit "Crying over you". She
surprised the clueless audience with a mixture between rockabilly songs and emotional ballads
and an exciting guitar play that convienced each and every rockíníroll fan.
Cover versions of Janis Martin and Wanda Jackson were also a part of her show so does the
title song of her brand new album "Dance Hall Dreams". Her movements reminded a bit on
Dwight Yoakam. No wonder Ė her producer is Peter Andersons and heís also Dwightís
producer and guitarist.

After a short break the band entered the stage. Smoke grew up. The first sound of
"This Ole House" was hearable and then here he came: Shaky appeared on stage accompanied
of thunderous applause. Shaky stood in front of the mice, a brief hand sign to Howard and then ....
The incredible rock song "Honey Hush" begun. The fans didnít believe it ! Such a great song !
Performed in a very good new sound. Accompanied during the whole show of an incredible
The next song was Skakys old but still popular "You Drive me Crazy". The new lead guitarist
Martyn Hope who replaced Darell Higham from the last years tour plays much taffer. So the
songs sounded more aggressive. Itís a matter of taste but in my opinion Darell Higham is not
really replacable. Shaky introduced the band after "Turning Away". At first he introduced the
keyboard / squeezebox player Ben Waters. He has a very own style to play the keyboard. He
turned the piano to the audience for them to see that heís playing live. Unfortunaly because of
this he played a bit hard and you felt the loss of Gavin Povey.
"Oh Julie" and "Give Me Your Heart Tonight" were the next songs. "Give Me Your Heart
Tonight" have a new arrangment and itís great with the lightshow. The rocksong "Donít Lie To
Me" was followed by the emotional "True Love Travels On A Gravel Road". It was a perfect
show and that song seems to have the potential for a new single hit. "A Letter To You" was
introduced by Shaky as one of a lot songs who where covered by other singers. "I Ainít Never"
a part of the show since last year was the next number. "Marie Marie" and "With My Heart"
were very lively and Shekyís movements very rocking.
After these hit songs Shaky sang "So Glad Youíre Mine" and "Hot Dog" together with his
special guest Rosie Flores. Iíd prefer him to sing these songs alone because his duets with
Linda Gail Lewis in the past years were much better. Sorry Shaky no outdo.
The audience calmed down and the lightshow started again. Only Shakyís shadow was to see
when the sound of "Itís Raining" (with a new arrangement) started. Sounded very good although
Shaky confused some words (Croydon). After this he sang "How Could You Be Like That",
also a part of the program since 1999. Only a few other words, but that seems to be the new
rocking Shaky style. "Itís Late" and "Lipstick, Powder And Paint" were the next songs and
Shaky talked with Stuart about Songs from Joe Turner.
When the band started with the song "So Long Baby Goodbye" the fans ran to the stage and it
was an atmosphere like back in the unforgettable 80s. The show ended under a lot of shouts for
joy and screamings.
Of course the audience wanted some more and they played "This Ole House" with the new last
years arrangement. "Tear It Up" was the last song of a great show. An incredible concert
experience for the audience but not for the fans. Questions and criticism from the German fans
were left. Itís great to see how much fans from Germany travelled to the UK to see Shaky. They
spent a lot of money to visit the expensive United Kindom.
Unfortunately the concert conditions in the UK are much different from the rest of Europe. In
Croydon it happened that a girl who wanted to give Shaky just a hug on stage was torn apart
from the security.
In Hemel Hempsted during "This Ole House" even Shaky himself interrupted when he saw a
flashlight. He pointed at the fan with a "No pictures please" and asked his tour manager
Tom Barrett to go after the fan. Sorry Shaky, youíve gone to far with that !

After this you can read an indication of Shakyís official site on my homepage. Shaky asked his
audience at his rockíníroll show not to move, to sit quiet, not to dance, not to try to enter the
stage, not to take pictures and no illegal video or audio taping. In Southampton every guest had
to give up his camera. Doesnít sound very good for the image, does it ? I have plans to ask the
officials if that is the right way to treat the fans.
About the merchandising. They had programs, poster, baseball caps and t-shirtís with an "SS"
logo in short red letters. Itís not a well known sign and to wear such a shirt in Germany itís not
the best thing to take the responsibility for. Prices from 10 and 15 Pound were also not very
Unfortunately thatís the fact why thereís no picís from that tour.